7 October 2014

K21 clip ///

last week I did some impromptu hair and styling for this clip. the vibe was "cyber dero".
clip is K21 - Change My Way ft. Joy Sparkes, video made by Capital Waste Pictures and with Harriet starring as the cyber dero.

used: FUBU white parachute track pants / modified vintage John Richmond for i-D tshirt / no brand digital floral print top / American army boots

hair was tied up with small rubber bands to create baubles and a few blonde extensions were thrown in to get the length.

clip at bottom.


3 October 2014

ice hole fishing

haircut idea i had, execute today on katie. the idea was an inuit ice hole fishing scene. so made the hair an icy blue, and then a shave to the skin in a perfect circle with a lure earring as the fish in the hole.

we were trying to be safe by filing down the hooks on the lure. but as you can see it still found its way into katies finger. and we ended up in emergency, with katie recieving a few injections.

fun day!

15 September 2014

cool air

the other night i ended up with serotonin syndrome which amongst other things, left me in a pretty manic state.
i decided the best thing to do would be to make myself a monster energy drink with alize and malibu, and relax. and shave my eyebrows off.
i made this veil a few days ago and teamed it up with this cap without a brim, the bikini Ness made for me and some mesh contacts. the result was a state of calm.


weavin waves

jenna had an underwater themed party for her 30th and she commissioned me for some underwater hair.
we had a few "attachment" issues, but we did alright ;)

beautiful house art

eminem contemplates whether or not to have bread. got these from savers few weeks ago. superrrrr score.

29 May 2014

city mag is out

i mentioned in an earlier post that i did some modelling for a shoot in an upcoming issue of Adelaide's CityMag.

WELL, the issue is now out. you can get it for free on the streets, on peruse online. here is one image from the shoot. I'm the one on the right in the AA duo.

Art direction and styling: Marie Totsikas
Photography: James Hartley
Assistant: Cimon Vozzo
Models: Aaron Schuppan, JD Foster, Matea Gluscevic, Madeline Reece

sandal prototype

second shoe on the go.

i got some acrylic laser cut. then i stuck it together and ground in the sole shape and front kick. then i drilled in some holes for the straps to attach to. the straps are iridescent lame lined with leather, with eyelets and rope holding it to the acrylic base.
it has no sole yet, and needs a few other modifications, but the idea is out.
(also for sportsromeo)



yesterday i went into town with the intention of getting pink and orange Fudge hair dye to dye my hair. 
instead, i saw the Crazy Color lime green and went for it.

first image features my Cakey mask rolled up.


utility modular bag

next up in made things.

again, this is for sportsromeo. it is a bag with a removable velcro strap that can be attached to other versions of itself or the saddlery belt i made earlier.

old water features

again, some old things.

1. me pretending to be a backstreet boy, bleached tips etc, bellybutton ring as earring, drilled nails, iridescent windbreaker
2. considering the similarities between myself and a preying mantis
3. amusing myself with postcards superimposed on landscapes

SS take 2

a shot from working (styling/costume) on the sparkspitter videoclip a little while ago.
the video is being released TONIGHT! 

old hair

some hair styles from before i made the blog.
1. for Donna Romeo; i call this one "life path / pink isn't a feminine colour" 
2. for Wes; first we did middle and side cornrows with butterfly temporary tattoos in shaved gaps with red extensions. then a few days later we progressed to all shaved sides and texta southern cross tattoo with temporary tattoo butterflies and brown extensions.


sightings of camo. 
1. strawberry fields last year
2. ancient world a few months ago


next up.
went to an open inspection of a recently liquidated business (tshirt printing), so they had heaps of stuff lying around. including this plastic pipe, about 30cm high, with this weird cgi print out stuck to it.
i asked the estate agent if i could take it and he said no.
then i asked if i could buy it off him, he said no.
so i will be contacting the previous business owners today to see if we can STRIKE A DEAL FOR THIS CGI TUBE HEAD.

comp #2

i wrote an article for fivethousand about my experiences with the whole sports modelling thing, check it out here >>> article

also, had the second comp on the 17th of may (ANB All Female Spectacular), wasnt as excited for that one but here are some images from Paul France Photography, watermark and all that, buy them if you want???!?! HA