20 February 2014


growing out some shaved sides, using Evo Gangsta Grip to keep em down. good ol' bros at Gang Hair sorted me out with that. it actually is the best hair gel i've ever come across. i kept it in my hair for 6 days and it didn't budge.

chemist shop crystal hair clips. YES.

then. fake freckles. and a pursed squished mouth.
yes yes fake ones. these are a bit too dark, but the ones i did the next day were much better, the best product to do them with was the Maybelline mascara pictured below. here's a youtube link to the tutorial i watched on how to do these fakeos.

also, hairy legs at the moment.

6 February 2014


the heat here has basically been relentless. absolutely unwavering. unfaltering. 
a few days ago we went down to savers in noarlunga, and i got this SPECTACuLAR thing.

it seems to be some sort of stripper-esque outfit, made by helene intimates.
now, according to my online research, helene intimates was actually based here in adelaide! but they went into liquidation late last year, so no online anything available for them.
but look at that diamonte leg strap thing! phenomenal.

here're some pics, shopped loosely, streetly.
wearing: helene intimates dress / asics joggers / american apparel black bikini top / foodland iga headband as bracelet / op shop necklace / sports shorts from croatia

4 February 2014

from before

so last year, while studying visual art at UniSA, i did this. 
i'm getting a bit back into shoes so i thought i'd give you my most recent shoe related thing.
they're those super blog famous miu miu platforms. i got a knock off version of them online and then  used marker to change the sparrows to the KAPPA logo. i also took off the diamontes and re-stuck them so they spell out KAPPA.
it was kinda a play on stereotypes in terms of ethnicity/social status/fashion.
i wont go into explaining, but enjoy them for what they are. 


its been hot. like 44C hot. that's hot. hot hey. 
i put all my hair extensions in as braids. 

also im only wearing one sock with these shoes. they're like ild person comfort shoes. i wrote cakey sportsman on the side, maybe ill show you sometime.\
cakey "left foot" sportsez