7 October 2014

K21 clip ///

last week I did some impromptu hair and styling for this clip. the vibe was "cyber dero".
clip is K21 - Change My Way ft. Joy Sparkes, video made by Capital Waste Pictures and with Harriet starring as the cyber dero.

used: FUBU white parachute track pants / modified vintage John Richmond for i-D tshirt / no brand digital floral print top / American army boots

hair was tied up with small rubber bands to create baubles and a few blonde extensions were thrown in to get the length.

clip at bottom.


3 October 2014

ice hole fishing

haircut idea i had, execute today on katie. the idea was an inuit ice hole fishing scene. so made the hair an icy blue, and then a shave to the skin in a perfect circle with a lure earring as the fish in the hole.

we were trying to be safe by filing down the hooks on the lure. but as you can see it still found its way into katies finger. and we ended up in emergency, with katie recieving a few injections.

fun day!