28 January 2014


this guy. 
this guy. i gave him a haircut last night. he was a bit worried, but i reckon i turned out nice. somewhat reminiscent of a pizza slice in retrospect, but initially just following his hairline corners to a peak at the back. straight fringe to emphasise facial features.

wild ay

went op shopping and got this LIL GEM. undecided whether its cow/giraffe/pebble/dalmatian print. 
it is a size 16 satin nightie that i have tied the straps halter style. hair is some half arsed braids i put in with all the hair extensions i had at home.
all natural reconstituted.

"action" shot from the other weekend. did some styling on the soon to be released Jackie Onassis videoclip. basically just a party on a houseboat. pretty great.
here you can see the V that im obsessed with, the not orange flavour that tastes sorta like sherbet. also my drilled nails, some fantastic green cloth camera tape courtesy of D Tang, and my about to be gone webbing piercing.
i'll post the clip when it's released. ;)

21 January 2014

nailin' it hey

I never used to get my nails done. In fact I thought it was one of the stupidest things to be doing. However, for whatever reason, I decided to get them done a few months ago and now I continue to do so. They don't get in the way of anything, and even make heaps of things easier due to their blade-like shape. My nails also never break now; they are my new favourite tool.

Last time I got them done I asked the ladies in the salon if they could drill holes in the tips and they said they couldn't cos they didn't have the appropriate drill bit. OH WELL.

So I went home and asked my good friend Wes to use my Dremel and drill them, while I held down my hands. Here they are, on their own and with a pendulum on a chain threaded through them. Witchy as.

The pendulum is half of a pair of pendulums I made for University last year. The top half is Queensland boulder opal and the bottom half is Coober Pedy opal.

summer pineapple

This is a style I did for Vanessa, she already had an undercut but I decided to take it UP A LEVEL.

I changed the straight undercut line to a zig zag all round, braided the rest of the hair horizontally across her head and then added some extensions into the first two braids. The last two braids were tied up ito little buns. Garnished with a bit of black gaffa tape for a more durable vibe.

river widow

Katie wanted her hair done so we settled on this style; the Reverse Widow. Reminiscent of a widows peak, but on the back of the head. Then we played dress ups with some stuff I was gonna throw out and went down to the river. 
KEEP IN MIND, we are still in the city centre, thats Adelaide for ya ;)

re intro

So I took a pretty massive break from the internet a few years ago (I used to run MACHINE with Sally Axford). Didn't really blog, stopped looking at other blogs bla bla bla, moved away, came back, and now I'm doing it again.

I also now go by the name of Cakey Sportsman. (previously Matea Gluscevic)

In the meantime I finished my certificate IV in Custom Made Footwear, graduated from my Bachelor of Visual Art (specialisation in Sculpture and Installation) and am now commencing a Diploma in Dental Technology.

I've also featured in and worked on a bunch of video clips and gotten pretty involved with doing my friends' hair.

This year I'll be starting a label, >sportsromeo with my friend Vanessa Romeo. You'll hear all about it here.

This is gonna be where I post whats going on in my life in general, things I like, things I make and probably some outfit posts while we're at it ;)