21 January 2014

nailin' it hey

I never used to get my nails done. In fact I thought it was one of the stupidest things to be doing. However, for whatever reason, I decided to get them done a few months ago and now I continue to do so. They don't get in the way of anything, and even make heaps of things easier due to their blade-like shape. My nails also never break now; they are my new favourite tool.

Last time I got them done I asked the ladies in the salon if they could drill holes in the tips and they said they couldn't cos they didn't have the appropriate drill bit. OH WELL.

So I went home and asked my good friend Wes to use my Dremel and drill them, while I held down my hands. Here they are, on their own and with a pendulum on a chain threaded through them. Witchy as.

The pendulum is half of a pair of pendulums I made for University last year. The top half is Queensland boulder opal and the bottom half is Coober Pedy opal.

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