16 March 2014

fuck birkenstocks

yeah. i said it. fuck birkenstocks. seems as though they're the new "fashion" "comfort shoe". like someone out there in the fashion world said, "hey guys, it's ok to wear birkenstocks now, i know they're kinda ugly and gross, but this model was wearing them and they're the new THING!". 

yeah well i'll tell you what, there are a whole lot of other ugly comfort shoes out there that you wont see on every second aspiring fashion blogger or stylist. 

so here you go, some great comfort shoes that i would wear the shit out of. as you can see, most of them are the future.

9 March 2014

SS videoclip

working on the first video clip for local adelaide band Sparkspitter. i'll be dealing with costumes/styling/hair/makeup. here are the beginnings. its gonna be pretty wild. the pyramid will be inverted on a pentagram mandahla with people hanging off it, and there will be some upside down uv light filming.
ill post more as it comes.
an older song of theirs below.

can you ear me orright?

experimenting with prototypes for ear jewellery that is non piercing related.
took an alginate mould of the ear cavity, leaving space for the ear canal. then cast it in silicon and re cast the positive in tinted resin. more prototypes to come.

graded zag

neatened up Vanessa's zig zag  undercut and added a gradient effect.

dry hands

at TAFE the other day i  was wearing latex gloves, and needed them to be dry after wetting them. so i dried my glove covered hands with a paper towel. i thought it was pretty weird to be drying my "hands" with gloves on. so i made a video. KKKK


just got my business cards printed. PRETTY INTO THEM.
also iv'e just started Dental Tech at TAFE. so you'll be seeing some decorative cosmetic oral appliances in due time.