21 January 2014

re intro

So I took a pretty massive break from the internet a few years ago (I used to run MACHINE with Sally Axford). Didn't really blog, stopped looking at other blogs bla bla bla, moved away, came back, and now I'm doing it again.

I also now go by the name of Cakey Sportsman. (previously Matea Gluscevic)

In the meantime I finished my certificate IV in Custom Made Footwear, graduated from my Bachelor of Visual Art (specialisation in Sculpture and Installation) and am now commencing a Diploma in Dental Technology.

I've also featured in and worked on a bunch of video clips and gotten pretty involved with doing my friends' hair.

This year I'll be starting a label, >sportsromeo with my friend Vanessa Romeo. You'll hear all about it here.

This is gonna be where I post whats going on in my life in general, things I like, things I make and probably some outfit posts while we're at it ;)


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