8 May 2014

comp #1 - inba

as ive mentioned earlier in this blog somewhere, i've been training for the last few months to be in two bodybuilding competitions (bikini category). the day finally came, and last weekend was the first comp. i lightly documented the day and present you with the run through.
next weekend is the second and final comp ill be entering this season so there will be pics then too.

saturday night (night before) :  got my hair cornrowed by Jackie at Miss Coiffure and then added in my own extensions.

left : specific comp day breakfast, no water allowed, trying to have as little fluid under the skin as possible, so breakfast is toasted oats with honey. right : backstage outfit, loose so that it doesnt rub the really greasy tan off, and thongs for the same reason

food prep for the day : rice cakes and peanut butter eaten when instructed by trainer, depending on how bloated/defined you are looking, 3x 100g chicken, 150g green veg, 50g sweet potato, 2x 100g chicken, 50g sweet potato

miscellaneous items : suntan on - a really mental dark stain tan that is applied 3 times in total over a spray tan, sportsgirl body glow shimmer stuff, evo hair gel to keep my cornrows neat, chux wipes and gloves for applying and removing the tans, extra extensions and hair clip to keep hair off tan while getting ready, baby oil to remove greasy final tan, supertan - the crazy greasy final tan, competitor numbers, entry pass

all tans applied; one spray tan, 3 suntan on stains, one supertan application

makeup done, comp nails, and stained hair from touching my tanned back

before heading to the comps we had a muscle sorority photoshoot, on the left is carley and a little screen shot of me on the right

lineup in the bikini open division, im third from left



backstage shot, feedback from the judges, participation medals and tim tams. i cried cos i didnt place at all, hence the white line running through my makeup, but it was ok cos the feedback makes sense and i got tim tams!

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