8 May 2014

shoes ! _ !

i went nuts last week and quit dental tech on a whim and re-enrolled in the footwear course i completed three years ago. here's the first pair im making, for Donna and I's upcoming new label, sportsromeo.


  1. Hi Matea!

    It was good seeing you on Friday night, amazing memory on your behalf for recognising me!
    I've come to check out your site - cool stuff! But how come the blog entries don't have the date you posted them?

    Love mai-lan

    1. Mai-Lan!! HELLO! thanks for coming to check out the blog :) i initially decided that i didn't like having the date showing, but upon your inquiry, i have decided it may be better to have the date showing, so I'm actually about to change that. Maybe ill see you out again some time :)